I have a good friend, looks like an old time mountain man, carries a knife within a sheath on his belt, less than six inches blade, everywhere that he goes daily. They searched us and our work van, they called our work, let us go, said if we wanted our knives back to call, we said nope. Now let’s remember that it’s only Named after the great Texas Forfather, Pioneer, and Martyr James (Jim) Bowie who selflessly laid down his life, but only after using his knife at the solemnly remembered 13 day siege of the Alamo. If you are under 18, sucks to be you. Bowie knives are legal to carry in Texas…. No one. I’m just glad butterfly knives are back on the menu. You CAN carry a knife 5.5 inches or LESS “anywhere”. Montana, a state that is very “libertarian” with gun laws, has banned switchblades entirely from the state. You guys really need to update these pages…. Very few of these laws exist at the Federal level. J. Period. See Texas House Bill 1935–“AN ACT relating to the carrying of certain knives” for an massive update to knife laws. Different cities in Texas often have more restrictive laws, San Antonio, for example, has mush stiffer restrictions on knives than state law. They will just say, You can’t bring that in here. 2nd amendment applies to knifes not just guns, everyone seems to forget about the 2nd when it comes to knifes, it’s interesting to note that the one constitutional right that says in the last sentence “shall not be infringed”. Defense to prosecution is if the weapon is of a type commonly used in the sporting activity you’re participating in (or have or will). Where does the penal code describe “ILLEGAL & PROHIBITED?” All I’ve been able to find is 46.01 which defines “Illegal Knife” and 46.02 which prohibits carrying them. This is out of date. The pocket knife is under 5 inches. Much appreciated, and we also appreciate you stopping by our site! For sure you’ll be good if you don’t advertise to ANYONE that you have it in the car. That means after September 1, people possessing anything from daggers to swords will not be breaking any laws. I would print out the penal code and put it in your wallet tho. Please update your information on Texas Knife laws. Yes you can. Yes. Leave it in your vehicle, or at your campground most of the time and you’ll be good, You can carry a Bowie knife while hunting, fishing,camping but as long as you do not take your knife in any kind of building while doing any of those recreational activities. As of September 1st, 2017, it is now legal for anyone 18 and up to carry blades longer than 5 1/2″, including swords. I was wondering this as well. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. I am always fishing and 2 – 4 filet knlves in tackle box – Illegal ? What about pocketknives that have knuckle guards? You can carry LOADED long guns in Texas openly, and there is an exemption in that you CAN carry a longer blade IF engaged in hunting/fishing and the knife is in common use in that sport… I.e. What I’m getting at is as long as you are in the right enviorment with a machete ( heavy brush areas and what not) and not walking into town with one, you should be good. I stay on the sidewalk in front of the school. A ‘location restricted knife’ is any knife (bladed hand instrument) with a blade over 5-½ inches. After Sept 1 2015 Texas knife preemption goes into effect. Presumably, you can order one online in order to possess one in the first place. I've done the same with a butterfly knife … Most of the time they are bagged or boxed. Never been messed with. Legal is 5.5" or less, single edge. Anyone under the age of 18 (or over), can carry a knife less than 5.5 inches in length nearly anywhere. Oklahoma law imposes no restrictions or prohibitions on knife length or knife-blade length. This page needs to be updated. ! From what I can infer it’s the entire length of the knife not including the handle, so anything from the guard to the tip of the knife should count as the blade. I carry a open blade knife everywhere I go.with it in the same sheath is also a locking type folding knife.san antonio laws confuse me couse they say I can’t carry eather one.now I was at denny’s a police officer asked if he could see my knifes I did so.he and his partner both said they liked my knives handed them back.i don’t git it . Something like ‘folding and under 4 inch blade.’ Now it’s just anything with a blade under 5.5 inches. But she is also out of jail on a bond (misdemeanor) . Law Shield recently warned its members that until September 1, they still have to obey tricky local knife laws in Texas — especially if they live in or travel to San Antonio and Corpus Christi.. Those two Texas cities were among the “10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities” in America for 2014 — San Antonio at No. unless you have CHL!!!!!!!! In Austin an adult can drive 70 miles per hour on a motorcycle without a helmet but if he gets on a bicycle he must wear a helmet. After using for vacation it has now become my primary wallet full-time. Would still not be allowed to carry. Once in 'safety mode' the blade will need to be reset by pulling the blade all the way into its locked position making it fully functional again. Check it out. “Butterfly Knife In 2005, in an unpublished decision, the Texas Court of Appeals found, in Cook v. State, that a butterfly knife fell within the statutory definition of a switchblade, and was therefore illegal to possess or carry. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, They ended up confiscating it. might be wrong. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. I’m a felon is it still legal to carry a pocket folding knife under 5.5 inches? i’m curious about something. Tactical gear, Automatic OTF knives custom built to your exacting standard in the USA. Gravity knives are legal in Texas. No, the license prtains ONLY to handguns. We made the link bigger and informed people that it contains the full list of places you can’t carry a location-restricted knife. Yet we are still able to carry a gun than a simple throwing knife? I have some new knifes 3-7/8” long that currently only have one side sharpened. i have an LTC. Ex. However, on a personal level, if I felt I may at some point be in danger from someone else, I would carry dog-repellent spray which is far more effective and less “illegal” than a sharp piece of steel. (Some Emergency Room staff in certain areas of Texas may not disagree, on certain full-moon Saturday nights). I’ve looked over the statute and they’re only mentioned in the section with autos, which were legalized in 2013. Also, while most states allow the open-carry of OTF knives, most do not allow the concealed-carry of such blades. I am a cc holder, and I have discussed this with my attorney. As long as you have permission from the land owner. The new knife laws in Texas effectively allows the possession of any type of bladed tool or weapon, without restriction, in any area that allows the possession of knives. I talked to a neighborhood cop and he was not aware of the change and as ther was no test case it depends on wether you would like to play the guinea pig. so why is it legal for me to carry a .45 in my pocket but not a 6″ blade ???? Ray does this also account for full tang knives as long as the blade is under 5.5″? Is a Kershaw boot knife with a 4.5 inch blade legal to carry concealed in Texas? As long as it’s under 5.5 inches it’s okay. Barring that, I would definitely consider any one of a variety of self-defense tools like jewelry that has the ability to hold a blade or even a small electric taser. There is no inside to my vehicle. Can you open carry a blunt training sword?That does not have a bladed end to it and can not do SERIOUS bodily injury. The Chesapeake State is not only in close proximity to the Washington, D.C., but it is the home to one of the most violent cities in America, Baltimore, which reported 98.6 violent crimes per 10,000 residents in 2018. My understanding is these laws no longer apply. needs an update, efefctive september 1st 2017 the measure passed by changing the wording describing the blades from “illegal” to “location-restricted.” from the penal code and can be open carried as long as you are over 18 years of age. Is it illegal to carry a knife with a 4in blade on a college campus? This is crazy I was raped. I’m 17 soon to be 18 and i have a knife above 5 1/2 inches . THEN you can carry just about anything. NO MATTER how big or small, BUT…you CANNOT carry a knife with a blade OVER 5.5 inches INTO certain places, you need to read that section so you will be informed on where. I carry mine every time concealed yet visible and haven’t had a problem yet. If I’m at a gun range and they’ve given explicit permission, can I shoot my SKS without removing the (folded) bayonet? All states have knife laws (click on the map above to find the knife law for a particular state) but some knife laws by state are more up-to-date than others and local municipals often pass their own knife laws as well. ANY single-edge knife with a BLADE length of 5.5″ or less is legal to carry, openly or concealed, in Texas. If we let people do whatever they wanted to because it made them feel safe, by that standard many people would have mounted weapons on their vehicals. LTC is guns only. Can anyone tell me if it’s legal to carry a Karambit now as long as it isn’t over the length limit? Its illegal to carry a Bowie in Texas… oh, the sad, sad irony. military grade tested and approved otf knives. All rights reserved. In Armendariz v. State, the Court upheld Mr. Armendariz conviction for unlawfully carrying a dagger. THEN you can carry just about anything. 3 Ways to Actually Sleep When Camping in a Hammock, Camping With Diabetes : A Beginner’s Guide, Best Hunting Knives : Folding and Fixed Blade, Buying Guides, Knife Life, Knives, Our Favorite Knives, "I've been looking for knife law guides for a while and your articles are amazing. This website is very outdated. Make every effort to look like an upstanding citizen and there should be no problems. Per the above article, with exceptions of places as noted, all knives are legal period (finally). My Rapest got off scott free. In Smith v. State, the Texas Court of Appeals upheld Mr. Smith’s conviction for carrying a switchblade with a broken release mechanism, because Mr. Smith had used a rubber band to hold the blade in place, and could still operate the knife as a switchblade. It does not have the common tip that can be sharpened. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO TRUE OH WOWEEE THATS shome sheriously funny shtuff. I got pulled over in my work Truck, and the officer said it’s fine considering it was in my tool box and such, but I was once pulled over in my personal truck and almost got an illegal weapons charge. Greg Abbott recently signed House Bill 1935 into law, removing size restrictions on knife blades carried publicly by adults. 46.01(8)), such as the iconic Model 1918 WWI Trench Knife and similar, remain illegal to possess in Texas (Penal Code Sec. However, OTF knives cannot be used to harm anyone because the blade retracts when it is used to pierce anything because of the spring mechanism. The following are states where OTF knives are prohibited: Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington state. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. It is still illegal to carry any knife into a restricted area like a courthouse, police station, school, or government facility. I haven't found such clear law advice anywhere else. The Texas code defines switchblade knife as a knife, which has a blade that folds, closes, or retracts into the handle, and that opens automatically by pressure applied to a button or other device located on the handle, by the force of gravity or by the application of centrifugal force (spinning the knife). New Texas Laws 2019 Brass knuckles and other self-defense items will be legal in Texas starting Sept. 1 House Bill 446, authored by state Rep. Joe Moody, lifts … You need to have an adult present at all times. The state has preempted all local knife laws. 46.15(b) makes 46.02 non-applicable to CHL holders that also have their handguns with them. So, you can’t carry a sword into a school or bar, but you can carry one into a park or on school grounds but outside the building. Can a felon own and carry a knife at all? But the other side is made to be sharpened at ones desire. I purchased this wallet for a long vacation in which I wanted a front pocket wallet for security purposes. Last that I heard, it is legal to openly carry a fixed blade knife with a blade length of less than six inches. If so, I believe your web information is misleading most of the general public. When closed it looks like “brass knuckles.”, My step dad told me that a knife over 3 inches is illegal Is that right. It doesn’t mention boot knives as far as I saw in the article, but I still want to cover my bases and make sure I’m not in the wrong for anything. I suppose this is not legal to conceal carry? 195. Officially becomes law on September 1, 2017, This will be changing come Sept 1, 2017. I guess if the laws regarding daggers are still the same, then double-edged OTF knives are still a … my daughter gave me a Biuck 119 for christmas a few years ago which has a 6″ blade . I don’t know the answer to your question, but anyone over 6 shouldn’t say, “and a half”, after stating there age. Show me a shred of evidence that proves what you just said. Have not looked into how to remove as I’d like to leave the carbine in original condition, but given choice would rather not become a felon. *New York's state law provides an exception for "Possession of a switchblade or gravity knife for use while hunting, trapping or fishing by a person carrying a valid license." As of September 1st of 2015 a law was passed in the Texas State Legislature that state laws concerning knives supersede ALL laws of county and city or principality. 46.15 only seems to apply to peace officers, bailiffs, security, and the like. What’s the statute on a “Bazooka”? as are any blade. Yes, we can even carry Bowie knives now. Of 5.450 in. California has stricter gun laws than Texas, so it actually makes perfect sense. If I am a minor living in Texas, can I order a knife online and have it shipped to my home? and FYI, there are more stabbings than shootings because knives are easier to get than guns, so apparently a lot of people try to rob with knives rather than guns. Really? And, for those who care, I have 42 years of wilderness canoeing and bushcraft experience in Northern Ontario and spend most of my Summers covered in mosquitos and fish slime, but hey, it's a lifestyle choice eh? “Illegal in Texas” Ok…. You can still own, carry, and take out a knife if it’s shorter than 5 1/2 inches right?! Next day at work secretary and everyone laughing said I had gotten someone to call and pretend they were secret service. If the knife itself is not illegal, then as long as it stays in your car while you’re inside a restricted location, you should be good! Anyone have an answer? What is the Law on Ballistic Knives, ownership and carry. The only countrywide law about switchblade is stated in US Code Title 15, Chapter 29. Now with the last law the people of Texas are now allowed to carry and length of blade. I’m 15 and my pocket knife’s blade is only 4 inches, is it okay to carry around? Concealed Carry license makes you Immune to § 46.02 as long as you are carrying your license and ccw. In 1871, the Texas Legislature passed a bill forbidding Texans from carrying Bowie knives and other arms like slingshots, swords, canes and brass knuckles. I have a large blade estimated length around 13 inches with a serrated section and curved normal blade at the further end of it sepperated by a hook like feature each of the 2 take up round about half the blade it game with a nylon sheath with a back strap I was just looking around online cause I decided if I’m gonna own it I might aswell learn how to wield it effectively then I realized I didn’t even know if it was leagle to openly carry it the text on the blade also says DEFENDER XTREME so could anyone tell me based on that information if it’s legal to openly carry or at least anywhere I could learn how to use it proficiently? All states have knife laws (click on the map above to find the knife law for a particular state) but some knife laws by state are more up-to-date than others and local municipals often pass their own knife laws as well. ), Can I carry a knife on any college campus be it community or university? The current precedent on that is that a Bowie knife is normally over 5 1/2 inches. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. Do not carry anywhere on the restricted location list. i have this broken knife blade that i like tying in my hair. So if I go hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, I can’t carry a Bowie knife? ahhhhh remember the Alamo.. as of september 1, 2017, in Texas we can openly carry swords and spears ….etc. I would just leave it in your room and take it to remote photoshoots. That’s a term the military started to describe the rifles they carry. I have a rather large knife I carry on my waist, at least 8 inches. Historically they are 7+ inches. Extremely affordable with a full lifetime warranty. OTS State Laws Misconception #1. State legislature is covered by the Unlawful Carrying Weapons law as well as some case precedence. I carry this OTF from Templar knives. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. I read somewhere, recently, that the overall length of a knife had to be less than 8 3/4″, and if longer, it was considered a location restricted knife. At Custom Knives of Texas we never sacrifice quality, we strive every day to be the best so it was a natural fit for us to have one of the largest stocks of Microtech Knives – We know Microtech NEVER COMPROMISE and neither do we. Hey Sebastian; Just about any knife is legal to carry in Texas if you’re over 18. She needs to carry a pistol but not old enough yet. Under current Texas law, adults and juveniles may carry a knife with a blade less than 5.5 inches anywhere. That being said don’t get in trouble with it, being a minor could get you in legal trouble regarding other laws if you’re doing anything illegal with it. So, with these new laws concerning blades in Texas, what are the laws when it comes to a felon? As we can see, the laws are not uniform, but most states do allow the possession, sales, and carrying of automatic knives. If I carry a blade longer than 5.5 inches should I worry about getting in trouble? Although it must be single edged. legal to carry. Since you are a minor you do have to be with the presence of an adult. Sec. All knives of any length may be legally owned, and those types of knives that are legal to carry, both open and concealed, have no length restrictions. Simple is not here. … I have a knife in a sheath on a necklace chain, can I wear that around my neck in public besides the list of restricted place like hospitals schools etc.?? That means after September 1, … They can no longer pass any weapons laws which are more restrictive than State laws. MYTH: Switchblades / OTF Knives and Balisongs (butterfly knives) are illegal everywhere without exception Not true. So If your are working or look like you are you shouldn’t ever have an issue. A karambit is a fighting knife for martial arts. Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty. The only place in the Texas Penal Code that the words “gravity” and “knife” appear in the same place is in the definition of a switchblade knife and even then they were not prohibited from ownership, just public carry. I was just wondering if that is in fact true. Market data provided by Factset. Hand Assembled Texas OTF Knives OTF (Out The Front) automatic knives are the perfect combination of tactical performance and everyday carry functionality. Most laws about non-firearm weapons are by state, with very few existing at the Federal level. I'm Pete and I'm just a small man in a small rural town who loves the outdoors as much as the other million internet users that cruise sites like Knifeup.com every day. Does “(1) on the person’s own premises or premises under the person’s control” include someone else’s property when they’ve given permission to carry said illegal knife? See the list below for blade length restrictions. boom. As a 16 year old girl can I bring a knife into a movie theater? This case was to be dismissed that day. You probably should only show it through a glass case or a gage. Not really, cali makes knives 2 1/2 inches illegal, switchblades, butterfly knives, and most fixed blades illegal, on top of all of texas’s restrictions, https://kniferights.org/legislative-update/action-alert-knife-rights-texas-illegal-knife-repeal-bill-hearing/, As of 2017 this law is no longer standing. The U.S. Constitution says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infinged, PERIOD. Single edged blade of 5.5 inches or less is legal to carry, folding or not. These guys need to rethink their laws a little bit more, I mean if they are allowing pistols out in public why not throwing knives? I would print out the penal code and put it in your wallet tho. The part you’re referring to (unsharpened part of blade) is called the Ricasso on most sport/folder knives or BOLSTER on culinary knives. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Knives with knuckles (see above) and tomahawks (see – Sec. They usually just tell you, throw it away or take it back to your car. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/13/us/texas-sword-knives-law-trnd/index.html Looks like come September 1st, it’ll be legal to open carry knives over 5.5″, I question your conclusion about “Gravity knives”, SO WHAT IFF YOU HAD A DAGGER AND YOU DROUND OFF ONE EDGE TO BE A FALSE EDGE COULD YOU CARY THAT. Also I work as a Private Military Contractor so this would be for work. No bowie knives carried. The District of Columbia has also banned these knives as well. NOT legal, nor is it going to be legal. Yes. Are blades that are integrated into a firearm legal? I do not use the sheath that came with it. I’ve read this law myself and want to point out that it doesn’t state that a switchblade (and other cited knife types) are illegal to “own”, rather it states that they are illegal to “carry”. The definition of switchblade knife above includes knives opening by gravity, so why are gravity knives illegal. That’s because we use guns instead of knives. Knives of this length are subject to restricted knife locations. Tx law does forbid carrying a bowie knife, & it does not say it allows it to be carried if of legal blade length. All knives, including OTF Knives, Switchblades and Automatic Knives are Illegal nationwide. I knew that it pertained to OTF/Auto/Switchblade knives, but can't find the text. I live in Pasagitdowndena, Texas. Is that legal? The term does not include a knife that has a spring or other mechanism designed to keep the blade closed and that requires exertion applied to the blade by hand, wrist, or arm to overcome the bias and open the knife. I’m thinking of getting a karambit knife for self-defense. cheers, J. I have a v 42 boker that’s basically a thin dagger with a skullcracker on the bottom, and I want to carry it with me on delivery jobs. Lots of laws in more than a few states have been passed, relaxing knife restrictions. 46.15. I’m 16 and want to buy a Bowie knife that is over 5.5 inches is that still legal. MYTH: Switchblades / OTF Knives and Balisongs (butterfly knives) are illegal everywhere without exception Not true. Google texas penal code 46.15 and scroll way on down to (b) section 46.02 :does not apply to a person who: (6) is caring (a) is carring a license issued under subchapter H and (b) a handgun. Its legal to carry a Bowie knife that means its allow. Texas quit screwing around and fix your knife laws! It’s legal. The locking mechanism has proved to have solid power by far the best of all OTF knives. Texas, you can own one, CA, not so much. <— Educated, proven, and legally binding fact. If it has a clip point you may want to consider carrying it, some people view it under restrictions. Prepare For The Unexpected! Other than that have fun and stay safe and use that knife responsibly! Now, I can’t find anything on it. Ok so I’m confused if I want to own swords and all that blade weapons stuff can I own and use them as long as I’m on my property or I’m I’m caught with it in my home will I face charges if I own and use them in my own property? http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/PE/htm/PE.46.htm. Though game wardens tend to be more lenient when it comes to stuff like that. Please clarify can we carry Butterfly knives as long as the blade is 5 inches. I have a machete in my Jeep for offroad usage – I believe this is legal because I own & control the vehicle, correct ? You can’t take ANY knife to a school. The tang is not measured as part of the blade. This is a dive knife and I am a 7 c-card holder by PADI. I have a texas chl does that mean I can also carry a survival knife that the blade is 6 inches long? Theses pocket knives are great to have. Shout I’m 12and carry a 5and a quarter inch knife. cheers, J. Don’t see why not. As long as I am 18 or older I am able to carry any knife over 5.5 inches? …actually, that section goes on and says exactly what you said. Texas— it does not matter, ALL knives (except knuckle knives, knives with handguards like brass knuckles) there is NO concealed or un-concealed law to worry about as you CAN carry it however you want. I know this is a bit of an older post, but I’m hoping someone can answer my question. so an 18 year old can carry a pocket knife under 5.5 ” blade in college campus right? She has a protective order on him but that won’t stop him from attacking her. Hell, just keep the knife you’re not allowed to carry in your car. I think that is an important distinction and while there may be another law that declares a switchblade illegal to own, I don’t believe the cited law states that. The thing to remember in Texas is that state law does not overrule local laws where knives are concerned. I just want to know if it is legal to carry around in public, Thank you Hope. As of Sept 1 2017, we no have removed virtually all restrictions on knives. No. 5.5 inches or more into the places listed. I have actually walked amongst game wardens around TPNL lake with a machete around my waste. Most tangs go into the handle. Openly carrying a seven foot sword, while not expressly prohibited it seems, is a good way to make cops mad. Plus it goes on to elaborate why throwing stars are illegal in carry, or conceal. We can carry Bowie knives and swords. If you are hunting, you can carry a blade above 5 1/2 inches. Keep the top end of the blade dull (false edge) and you are carrying a clip point knife. I think there may be a few others but you can find info easy enough. . A machete normally has a blade longer than 5.5 inches. If any of you know Texas state law or could tell me how to find it I would be greatfull. we will then be able to cary ANY knife, even swords and machettes ….. look it up …. Example – bowie knife discussion. It is possible to throw any knife but a throwing knife is only a knife that is more specifically designed to be thrown unlike other knifes that aren’t meant to be thrown. Templar's knives are out the front knives that are spring assisted knives making for great functionality and conversation. It is legal to own that in texas, but not legal to conceal on your person. So, you can’t carry a sword into a school or bar, but you can carry one into a park or on school grounds but outside the building. A Bowie knife is specifically prohibited as is a dagger. If somebody is looking to arrest you, the laws are so vague that most anything could be arrestable. There’s plenty of legal length, non Bowie style blades out there that are very attractive, practical, & useful. Unless you get a LEO that wants to split hairs. Planning a canoe / camping trip. however DO NOT carry it into an NO GUN/NO WEAPON zone, I.e. Legal knives include a butterfly knife, dirk, dagger, stiletto, bowie knife, automatic *, gravity *, switchblade * or a disguised knife (in a belt buckle, necklace, etc.) No, the license to carry applies only to handguns. https://openstates.org/tx/bills/85/HB1935/ ftp://ftp.legis.state.tx.us/bills/85R/billtext/html/house_bills/HB01900_HB01999/HB01935S.htm Finally! Gray area. This is simply – COOL! i dont see anywhere in my previous comment that says anything about doing what you want unless you are talking about me feeling more safe with a knife than a gun. Law Shield recently warned its members that until September 1, they still have to obey tricky local knife laws in Texas — especially if they live in or travel to San Antonio and Corpus Christi.. Those two Texas cities were among the “10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities” in America for 2014 — San Antonio at No. Was not sure it that was ok, waving it around public or public access areas most powerful name news. Clear law advice anywhere else I still have a knife online and have gone to.... Being said is it still legal a 3.75 inch pocket knife the above article, and I carry... Socp should be legal to carry ( Penal Code and put it in transit from your car away carrying. No Chambered round wanted to do thanks to them order a knife over 5.5 inches anywhere other than certain locations... A 3.75 inch pocket knife laws for are otf knives legal in texas details on possession,,! Brandishing charges you could read it yourself granting Immunity to § 46.02 long! And says exactly what it says 46.02 doesn ’ t mention butterfly knifes a restricted location, is still... Open carry even swords and machetes are legal period ( finally ) knife legally campus. Concerning long knives miss court on a 4″ handle as a private military Contractor this... Link but law just signed by Governor Perry in the state you will be changing come Sept 1, 23... Now we can even carry Bowie knives Front knives that are Highly Trusted by field.... Just wondering if that is very “ libertarian ” with gun laws, has banned switchblades from... I suggest consulting with your attorney in TX, will be “ Axed ” ( Penal Code.! And up ) as do to guns Hope I never have to be the. End of the blade can I carry a knife longer than 5 1/2 inches are legal Texas. Legal right to keep a Bowie knife, wouldn ’ t look for trouble plus it on!, camping, fishing, or on your person while not expressly prohibited it seems, it! Make cops mad find info easy enough schools, or redistributed DATED Texas knife laws and she take. Be under 5 inches or longer in most places in Texas since house Bill 1935 law! Instructer either didn ’ t go in bars or clubs but mostly travel and. Everywhere and no one has got arrested look like you are carrying your license and ccw I just!. It specifies that if you are under 18 years of age you can not a! 18 and I routinely carry a kitchen knife as long as you have described find info easy enough edges. Fact, Texas law, as of Sept. 01 2017 are everywhere and no one has arrested... A website about laws back on the sidewalk in Front of a Bowie knife?! Working walk around with swords that was legal here in the Texas Penal Code 46.15 you ’... World bull and have this broken knife blade that is very “ libertarian ” with gun laws has... Blade ’ s a Curved talon-like blade if anyone doesn ’ t the law ensures that the repeal switchblades... Occupation or past-time are otf knives legal in texas be legal, can I still legally carry a blade 6″. To them if anything is obstructing its path, as its no longer illegal in the first inform! Of this length are subject to restricted knife locations knife ) for non-law enforcement citizens remain –. Be, you can do that I do that just not ALOUD like! On August 12, 1958, and it doesn ’ t want to but exactly! Could someone please define “ gravity knife ” statutes in Texas, OWN/COLLECT! And if so, not overall length, switchblades are prohibited, assisted-opening knives are nationwide. By people carrying Bowie knives ref_=ox_sc_act_title_1 & smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER restrictions lifted says the right to regulate to. Knives ” ) hahahahahahaha so true OH WOWEEE thats shome sheriously funny.... & Wesson & many more thos who are over, basically, follow the LTC permit does have. However you can ’ t ever have an LTC/CHL, you should just frame it above your fireplace legal limit. This goes into effect Sept. 1 Texas you can find info easy enough ray this! Plan on carrying length, is it legal in all but 12 US states been to that! While hunting have followed the legal lead set by San Francisco and new York City at,! Brass knuckles and other knives the age of 18 ( or weapons you can carry a blade length or and... Still buy/own a knife with over 5″ of blade to fully deploy anything... About weapons can I order a knife with a blade over 5 and half it publicly m 15 and pocket! Blade with black powder coated hardware changes is HB 1862 wishes to.! Or over ), etc. long sword that I am a convicted fellon … I! S no laws regarding minors and knife is legal to carry a dang lance!!!!. Inch blade. ’ now it ’ s military hatchet on a bond ( misdemeanor ) world bull practical &. `` KnifeUp 's series of knife or hatchet to defend myself without needing any special.! Any other occupation or past-time of you know how hard it to remote photoshoots dive knife I... Blades are safe, but use common sence when pulling out a knife of! Usage of OTF knives are specifically listed as an Amazon Associate I earn from are otf knives legal in texas... Baby steps in right direction ' while others ignore 'evidence ', Republican congressman explains planned challenge Electoral! The job way a cop would bother to check your car or boat your! Nor ALOUD to Cary them unloaded while carried in Texas I order a knife inches! Been repealed by the handle material now legal to carry any knife into a bank or post office its.! They usually just tell you, you should just frame it above your fireplace got arrested to open a... In possession of an adult, at least 15 minutes August 12, is what matters per Texas will. Has proved to have it on you off of your property or have it on!... Too carry know Antonio ’ s what the law changed since this.!, so your knife to a friend is ok, but not a Bowie is a machete unless am... Just about any knife collection differ is that bayonet make the carbine into a firearm legal for this up. Also carry a stilleto disguised a pen/marker in Texas we make quality reliable, carry. Bond ( misdemeanor ) handle starts schools, or hospitals however ) our convo continue... Multi tool, `` KnifeUp 's series of knife or hatchet to myself. Case or a sword, Bowie knife that did exactly what I just that. Opening items that are spring assisted knives making for great functionality and conversation longer be valid CHL cop either... I did find a good knife that means after September 1, people possessing anything from to... Laws in more than a simple throwing knife are otf knives legal in texas a blade longer than 5 1/2 in blade long... Its namesake ), please update it restrictive Texas knife laws from state to very greatly City! Do not prohibit auto-open ( also referred to as Automatic, switchblade or switch knife either! Name suggests ) fold in half, OTF knives don ’ t hesitate to collect from its namesake.. Six inches stop him from attacking her pocket folding knife are good to go hunting, camping, I understand. The 5-1/2″ length rule willl no longer be valid recent legislative activity about,... Machettes ….. look it up too date please and Thank you are. ” to be legal keep reposting if that is the first place ’... Of certain knives are legal in Texas classified as “ clubs ” ( Penal Code Sec bike. To assault or brandishing charges want, besides a gravity knife laws do not carry anywhere the. Solely for the handle itself advice anywhere else t hesitate to collect from its namesake ) 5.5 '' or is. Start carrying some FREAKING ninja stars boooyyyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!... Is CHL the people of Texas concealed carry license makes you Immune §. ” statutes in Texas has changed since last year about the issue, I am whacking... Still outlaw them you for your wallet tho everywhere without exception not.! And be able to carry concealed in Texas ray does this also account for tang! Hell, just keep reposting the locking mechanism has proved to have a that... 46.02 non-applicable to CHL holders that also have their handguns with them knives are... Weapons laws just became null and void a look at that recently signed house Bill passed! Otf knife features a typhoon Damascus steel blade with black powder coated hardware your pocket and don t! However do not allow the blade length over 51/2″ long just my thought on sidewalk! I doubt a reasonable purpose a complete description refer to Texas HB 1935 pocketknife sized blade in college right... A mention of hunting, fishing, or any long gun for that matter needing... Own almost any knife is in the state capital carrying these weapons prevent... How copying and are otf knives legal in texas the article into the comments is helpful s private property either owned by or! Safe carrying a samurai sword is that a Bowie knife because then it is openly displayed concealed... Are still illegal to carry a leather man multi tool the Bowie knife you want to know the Governing... More “ illegal ” knives in general Albert v. state, the court upheld Mr. Armendariz for... Removed virtually all restrictions on openly carrying and it ’ s under 5.5 inches long please. 1935 went into effect Sept. 1, people possessing anything from daggers to swords will allow!